About Us

Why We Do What We Do

My name is Richard Whyte and I am a Founder of Optify. As a child I grew up around the world and was fortunate to live in many different countries. My father was a heavy equipment operator and worked for a company that built pipelines around the world, we were constantly on the move.

It was a strange existence as one day I could be living in a place that the locals looked at me and thought I was rich… And then we would pick up and move and I would be in a place that the locals thought I was poor.

I lived in places that were safe and others that could be very dangerous.

I have a strong belief that the stability of a country is based on how well small businesses are doing. When the economy is good, people may complain about their jobs, but at least they have work, some cash in their pockets and can put food on the table. When the economy is bad, no jobs to be found and long-term unemployment is the norm, this leads to unstable Governments and neighborhoods.

During my career, I meet so many business owners that are brilliant. They have great products or services and are very good at what they do… But they just don’t know how to market what they have. How to share their brilliance with the people that need it the most.

I never thought I would be in marketing, it’s not where my career started. I was a tech geek that did custom programming and network installations, but as a business owner, I had to overcome the same issues that almost every small business owner I meet has to face. The age old question:

How do I find more people that need what I have to offer?

I am introverted and analytical by nature. So thinking about marketing during those early years was really difficult for me. An entire new way of looking at things and dealing with people! But I knew that for my business to grow (SURVIVE), things had to change.

The really interesting thing is that once I got over my initial resistance and took the deep dive in to marketing, I found I loved it. I loved the wins and the loses, keeping score, each day going out and learning new things, testing them, seeing the results and watching the benefits from my efforts.

Now I get a real rush out of helping other companies grow. When a business owner can grow their business, hire more people, have less stress in their lives because they have a marketing partner that cares about their success, it’s what excites me!

At the core of my belief system is Kaizen.

Kaizen: The practice or phiosopy of continuous improvement.

At the heart of Kaizen is the idea that you just keep moving forward. You keep learning, you keep getting better. You keep making small incremental changes that over time end up having a huge impact on what you are working on.

Does it mean you win every challenge… Nope. Or that you won’t make mistakes… No again. But it gives you a framework to learn and grow from. To learn from both your wins and your loses. And over the last 30 plus years that is what I have been doing.

In this way we are not the typical digital marketing agency. We have both the marketing skills and the business operational skills acquired from being in the game.

Fully Digital – Our Business Model Is Like No Other

You are looking for digital marketing results and we will deliver them. Our team has a 30 plus year track record of delivering results for business owners.

We embrace all things digital to increase productivity and reduce costs which in turn, enables us to pass on those savings to our clients. We have positioned ourselves as a digital organization which allows us to access the global talent pool. To work with the best, no matter the time zone. We want to access the sharpest and most talented digital minds available.

Our business model is representative of our belief that business owners really only want one thing from us: Results! Everything we do is focused on achieving great results for our clients.

Let’s face it, the world has changed. A few years ago, we looked at the digital landscape and came to fully understand that as a team we had a single purpose. To deliver cost-effective marketing solution to business owners.

Our clients didn’t care if we had great looking offices. If we had sharp looking furniture, if were wore power suits to meetings to discuss the results of our marketing efforts. They all wanted the same thing.

VALUE – A positive return on invested dollars for the money they were spending to market their businesses.

These same owners mostly were not happy to drive across town, spend the time to find parking, then come to our offices to get the latest results.

So we started utilizing digital tools to stay in touch and keep them abreast of how their marketing was performing. We moved our meetings online, a significant time saver for them (and for us!). We delivered digital reports and strategies via email and video presentations. The real upswing to this was they could watch these presentations at a time most convenient to themselves and their own internal team members.

As internet speeds increased, we shed our full time office space and went fully digital. This allowed us to expand the pool of talent we could bring to bear on projects as we no longer were limited by commute time to our offices. We became time zone independent and could select the best people for delivering results for our clients.

Our goal never changed: To Deliver Results Our Clients Are Very Happy With. We can just do it more efficiently now!

Our Team = Our Strength

The team at Optify is enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about integrating their digital skills into your marketing efforts to deliver results. We focus on understanding your businesses products or services, then building creative solutions to grow your business.

Our fundamental goal is to continually improve the quality of traffic to your website then convert that traffic into taking specific actions. Whether that is a purchase, a phone call, an appointment set, or even a download to increase your email list.

We test and benchmark everything so we can see the results, then work on ways to increase them.

Our Values

Strong values have been at the heart of our organization since its creation. They guide us in our daily actions, providing a common base that all our teams share and respect.


Ethical, moral, and honest is how we work with our clients.


Your business is our business. We are your partners in success.

Diversity and Respect for Individuals

No borders or boundaries. We respect all individuals and believe it is the cornerstone of all human relations.

Continuous Improvement

We accept we live in a fast evolving world and work to stay up to date with the latest trends in our sphere of influence.


We always think independently and give our clients the best advice and service we can.

Principles of our commitment

The principles of our commitment are in direct reference to our five core values. These are the ones that reflect our vision, and our culture.

Who are we?

Business professionals that are eager to serve enterprises both locally and globally.

Whom do we serve?

The business community as a whole: global and local corporates, listed or not, small and medium enterprises, public sector entities and individuals.

Our ideal clients are ones that have a positive impact in the community. These enterprises help others in some meaningful way. We work to help promote Health, Wealth, and Happiness for all.

Whom we don’t serve?

Our beliefs are strong and our commitment to a better world are part of who we are. We do not work with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pharmaceutical or adult entertainment enterprises.

For which benefits?

Our skill is in helping you grow stronger businesses. Our team members are accountable, efficient and agile. Our primary goal is to enhanced your marketing performance and build long-term value.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

We provide innovative and solutions to our clients in a market that is too conservative and either too fragmented (for SMEs) or too concentrated (for large corporates).

How do we deliver?

Combining the reliability of methodologies inspired from the most advanced marketing and operational practices with our capacity to co-construct and think « out of the box » and with an intrinsic sense of personal responsibility and responsiveness.

How are we organized?

As a global people-centric, participative, transparent and multidisciplinary team with expertise backed by experience.

What are our fundamentals?

  • Entrepreneurship and team spirit
  • Long-term vision and flexibility
  • Enthusiasm and robustness

What is our driving Force?

Passion to support the growth and expansion of small to medium-sized enterprises.

What we believe in?

A world prospering from diversity (cultural, intellectual, professional…).

What do we like?

Common sense rather than pre-established models.

Openness rather than the beaten track.

Progress driven by collective intelligence.