About Us

Chose Optify, because we are effective and efficient

You are looking for digital marketing results and we will deliver them. Our team has a 30 plus year track record of delivering results for business owners.

We embrace all things digital to increase productivity and reduce costs which in turn, enables us to pass on those savings to our clients. We have positioned ourselves as a digital organization which allows us to access the global talent pool. To work with the best, no matter the time zone, to deliver to you the sharpest and most talented digital minds available.

Our business model is more representative of a belief or movement, connected via a common cause for digital advertising and marketing excellence, rather than a traditional, corporate structure. We continue to evolve and develop organically based on a universal principle to produce outstanding results for every client we work with, every single time. We offer a tailored, personalized business service and strategic support, unique to each of our client’s needs.

Our approach is to deliver service you are very happy with. For this reason, we do not have locked in contracts to sign. If you’re not happy for any reason you can cancel with 30 days written notice.

Fully Digital – Our business model is like no other

Results! Everything we do is focused on achieving great results for our clients.

Let’s face it, the world has changed. A few years ago, we looked at the digital landscape and came to fully understand that we as a team we had a single purpose. That was to deliver a cost-effective solution to business owners.

Our clients didn’t care if we had great looking offices. If we had sharp looking furniture, if were wore power suits to meetings to discuss the results of our marketing efforts. They all wanted the same thing.

ROI – a positive return on invested dollars for the money they were spending to market their businesses.

These same owners mostly were not happy to drive across town, spend the time to find parking, then come to our offices to get the latest results. We started utilizing digital tools to stay in touch and keep them abreast of how their marketing was performing. We moved our meetings online, a significant time saver for them. We delivered digital reports and strategies via email and video presentations. The real upswing to this was they could watch these presentations at a time most convenient to themselves and their own internal team members.

As internet speeds increased, we shed our offices and went fully digital. This allowed us to expand the pool of talent we could bring to bear on projects as we no longer were limited by commute time to our offices. We became time zone independent and could select the best people for delivering results for our clients.

Our Team = Our Strength

The team at Optify is enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about integrating their digital skills into your marketing efforts to deliver results. We focus on understanding your businesses products or services, then building creative solutions to grow your business.

Our fundamental goal is to continually improve the quality of traffic to your website then convert that traffic into taking specific actions. Whether that is a purchase, a phone call, an appointment set, or even a download to increase your email list. We test and benchmark everything so we can see your results, then work on ways to increase them.


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